Most firms of any import have initiatives around gender equity, diversity, and inclusion. The majority of these initiatives are focused on creating awareness and giving all people in an organization the flexibility they need to create work-life balance.   But that is only halfway to the goal if we are honest.

To get actual change and real results, we need to level the playing field in every organization, to ensure that women and diverse people are given the same deep and multi-faceted mentorship, opportunities, advocacy, and both formal and informal inclusion. We need to create the path for up and coming leaders to be very successful right out of the gate. Every time.


With that in mind, we have created a peer advisory experience with four primary tenets that create powerful and able leaders:



Strategic focus, design, and implementation of THAT person’s book of business or goals on a custom basis



Connection to meaningful power players in the firm that creates accountability and advocacy that is actionable and real



Creation of a high performing team to fuel the leader’s trajectory in business and in the firm



An advisory board of peers that solve problems, create opportunities, and celebrate real growth


This is a measurable and meaningful change in how diversity and inclusion initiatives are typically realized in ANY firm on the planet. With ACTUAL ROI.

Are you ready for real results?