Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Development and Implementation

At Empowered we are on a mission: to ensure that every professional has the path and the tools to reach their highest aspirations and potential. Because THAT benefits all of us. 

To thwart potential is a tragedy. We intend to make sure that never happens so that all professionals can bring their best selves to work in ways that create extraordinary value to their teams, their clients, and themselves. 

Initiatives That Matter Start Here

No one whistles a symphony.

It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

– H.E. Luccock


How We Effectuate Positive Change

Current State assessment

Inclusion Awareness Programming and Implementation

FlexPlace and Flextime Policy Development

Policy review and evolution

Goaling, Accountability, and Measurement

diverse leader peer advisory experiences with ROI

Diversity in Hiring, Retention, and Promotion

Leader Pipeline Management

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