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Trisha loves to talk! “It all started back at my Big 4 accounting firm when I could create presentations and speeches about tax depreciation that left people wanting more. TAX DEPRECIATION! I figured if I could make that interesting, I could make just about anything interesting…”

Trisha has spoken in a variety of forums over the years, from technical forums to Fortune 500 companies to giant conferences to small groups at non-profits. From the Chicago Bar Association to the U.S Navy, from Tyson Foods to EY.

“I enjoy them all because my passion is people. To engage them is my favorite pastime of all time. Creating a spark or a light bulb moment is magic.”

She is bold, engaging, and honest. Her keynotes leave audiences feeling like they can do great things, see beyond the day or the month, and empower others to do the same.

These talks can be keynotes or full programs of corporate training.  The topics on which Trisha speaks are varied, but do lend themselves to business environments.  Here are some examples of prior keynotes:


Putting Your Why to Work:  How Strategies Make Firms Great

Branded Behaviors:  How the Best Firms Get That Way


YOU as a Leader:  Conscious Actions, Predictable Results

What Inclusive Leadership Is and How to Get It

Communication is Key to the Universe

Business IS Personal:  How Relationships Will Always Rule the Day

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Let’s Get Real About Diversity and Inclusion:  A Conversation

So You’ve Got Diversity, Now What?

We ALL Have Unconscious Bias, So What Now?

Client Service and Relationships Life Cycle

Networking is Better than a Root Canal

Exceptional Client Service:  Nobody Cares Where You Went to School

What People Are Saying

“LOVED!! …was real, on-point and completely inspirational about embracing and controlling our emotions.”

Michele Kelly

“You rock. Thank your for the awesome discussion and presentation. You are a pro.”

Kathy Gilmore

“This is why your vision and talents are so needed. Every leader needs your outlook. Your teams were, and are, lucky to have you.”

Alexis Crawford Douglas

“What a great event and such an impactful topic! Appreciate all the work that went in to this luncheon!”

Kris Meadows

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