I love to speak! It all started back at my Big 4 accounting firm when I could create presentations and speeches about tax depreciation that left people wanting more. TAX DEPRECIATION! I figured if I could make that interesting, I could make just about anything interesting…

I have spoken in a variety of forums over the years, from technical forums to Fortune 500 companies to giant conferences to small groups at non-profits. I enjoy them all, because my passion is people. To engage them is my favorite pastime of all time.

The topics on which I speak are varied, but do lend themselves to business environments:

1. Leadership

High Impact Teaming
Change Management
You as a Leader
Communication is Key to the Universe
Effective Project Management, Doing More with Less
Powerful Presentations
Authenticity Leads to Excellence

2. Diversity in the Workplace

Women Rising
Why Diversity Matters
Cross-Generational Teams, Harnessing the Power

3. Client Service and Relationships Life Cycle – Impactful Selling and Execution