For the first time in my professional life of 20 years, I have said, “This is not working for me, and therefore, I will not continue.” I feel like a million bucks, like a new woman, like a wise and infinite soul in the land of finally doing what I preach: do not continue in what does not serve you or your vision. I got my own lesson. Hallelujah and Amen.
Drive is a double edged sword. A positive attitude is an asset, but it can cloud your vision sometimes. Ambition is well and good, but it must be tempered. All good lessons. All tough to follow, especially when you fancy yourself a person who can do whatever is set in front of you. Sometimes, even if you can, you shouldn’t.
So, who among you are in the same boat? I met with a colleague this week who has run her own company for nearly 30 years and isn’t feeling it anymore. She wants to coast until she’s done with the whole thing and sell it off for what’s left of it. She’s tired. It made me sad. I told her she needed to find the reason she wants to get up in the morning. Even if it won’t be to keep her company going.
I talked with one of my friends this morning who would love to quit her high-stakes job in corporate America and start a coffee shop. She has mentioned this before. My first question was, “Are you ready to give up your multi-six figure salary?” The answer was a quick and curt NO. But still, she dreams. Still, she is bored and hates 80% of what she does with her waking hours.
I had a lengthy discussion with my business executive in my last endeavor this afternoon. I asked him if he would accept some feedback. He said yes. I told him his vision for himself was too small, that he had the talent and the polish for greater things. It was a tricky thing to say: on the one hand, I’m saying he’s got greater talent than what he’s using. On the other hand, I’m saying he’s wasting it. He did not disagree with me. His eyes are open. He is on alert.
The point here is that we must live our lives according to our vision, or we are wasting our time and missing our true calling. Some things in life are brought before us to teach us something, not to become our calling or our vision. Sometimes you are faced with another message to clarify your own. Like the sharpening of a knife by an equally, but opposing piece of metal. Since I started my own company and became an entrepreneur, I am on high alert. I see the lessons like I never have before. Which is a damn good thing given that I help people see their own lessons for a living. This is such a fantastical ride!

What are you holding onto that is not serving you? Why?